Ashokan Reservoir NY

Ashokan Reservoir NY


Photos are available for purchase both framed, unframed and as computer files for use in web design, print advertising and other mediums.

Longtime Hudson Valley resident and Rhinebeck Community Forum editor, Maggie Salamone is happy to present a sampling of her photography.  Maggie finds beauty in the everyday.  Whether it’s a field of wildflowers, the beaches of North Carolina, the majestic Mid-Hudson scenic views or the disappearing tails of fireworks, Salamone’s photos bring everyday beauty to the forefront to capture the imagination of old and young alike.


“Taking photographs is a way for me to appreciate the world around me; I don’t look for subjects, I wait and watch.   There’s always something beautiful to capture, whether the pinks and magentas of a sunset, the sparkling eyes of a child, the energy of a concert or event I do portraits and landscapes, fauna,  brick buildings and everything in between.   I love color, and black and white.  I’m especially fond of photographing concerts, events, parades.


Everything amazes me, and I hope this comes across in my work.  The sense that life is precious, and every moment worthwhile is always at the back of my mind.  This appreciation is intrinsic to my world-view and how I manage to keep a positive outlook on life.   The greatest compliment I could ever receive is to hear that my work has moved someone.


Photographs allow us to share and hold onto a moment.  I have contributed as an observer if my photos bring viewers peace and joy